Some 3,300 employees all over the world contribute to Hansgrohe's success.

Group overview: employees 2012

The Hansgrohe family is now bigger than it has ever been

New staff record: the positive results of the 2012 financial year led to an increase in the global number of employees working for the Hansgrohe Group in 2012. As of 31 December, Hansgrohe SE had a total of 3,444 employees.  That's 173 more than the previous year.

Hansgrohe created new jobs in 2012 

Of the 173 new jobs created 2012, 46 orginated in Germany.  As of 31 December 2012, 2,178 people were employed at the German sites (2011: 2,132).  This corresponds to around 63 percent of the total workforce.

127 new jobs were added at the foreign sites in 2012. Employee numbers increased in the fast-growing BRIC countries in particular.  However, the increased demand for Hansgrohe products created new jobs at the Wasselonne and Songjiang plants as well.  At the end of 2012, the number of employees working outside Germany rose to 1,266 (2011: 1,139).

Hansgrohe trains 131 trainees in 26 professions

44 new trainees, who started at Hansgrohe on 1 September 2012, also contributed to the growth of the Hansgrohe family. This made a total of 131 trainees, being trained in 26 professions.  This corresponded to a rate of 6.2 percent, which was once again above average for the metal-processing industry in Germany (around five percent).

The "Hansgrohe talent factory", which was established in 2012, sees the company as an investment in training, and thus in its future viability.  Both trainers and trainees find teaching conditions ideal here, in an area covering approximately 1,200 square metres.

Part of the Hansgrohe family:

3,444 employees around the world

2,178 of whom are located in Germany

1,266 of whom are located outside Germany