Environment and sustainability – committed to success

Responsibility in action at Hansgrohe

The Hansgrohe Group is expressly committed to sustainability, and to environmental and climate protection. As a customer, opting for a Hansgrohe product means that you are also choosing durable quality and environmentally responsible production methods.  Both conserve valuable resources. Hansgrohe views itself as a Green Company and regards sustainability as a requirement for ensuring long-term existence on the market.  Read more about this in the Hansgrohe Group's sustainability report. 

For Hansgrohe, environmental protection, sustainability and a sense of responsibility mean:

  • Water and energy saving products with a long service life          
  • Further significant reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Use of renewable energies within the company
  • Clever recycling and heat recovery systems at production facilities
  • Environmentally friendly sites and production technologies
  • Global environmental protection projects and information campaigns to promote the sustainable use of water
  • Social responsibility to society and to our employees
Front page of the current Sustainability Report

The company's systematic and strategic commitment to sustainability: Hansgrohe SE ensures that its processes, successes and potential for improvement are all transparent.

The Pontos grey water recycling system enables waste water from the shower and bath tub to be treated and reused, anywhere drinking water quality is not required.
Front page of the current Sustainability Report

The company's systematic and strategic commitment: Hansgrohe AG is making its processes, successes and potential for improvement transparent.

Ecological footprint

Hansgrohe calculates the ecological "footprint" of its products: for even greater environmentally friendly production and sustainable products.

Climate protection without thinking about it: EcoSmart showers and mixers consume up to 60% less water than conventional products.

The CO2 killer: Hansgrohe develops innovative products that help you to conserve resources and save money.

AirPower: water, cleverly infused with air, forms voluminous droplets, turning showering into a pleasant experience of shower rain.

Hansgrohe stirs things up: EcoSmart shower technology guarantees a feel-good climate and sustainable enthusiasm in your bathroom.


At the invitation of Hansgrohe, international water experts meet once a year at the company headquarters in Schiltach.

Water experts in Schiltach: in lectures, workshops and podium discussions, experts examine this fascinating element from all perspectives.

Active climate protection, measurable sustainability

Quality, environmental and health protection form an integral part of the Hansgrohe company policy. Detailed information can be found below: