Bathroom featuring AXOR Starck.

Philippe Starck – the extrovert

He is one of the best-known creative designers of our time, as well as a sought-after planner and interior designer.  His vision: the purpose of design is to enhance life for the greatest possible number of people, regardless of its specific form.  To this end, the Frenchman has designed almost everything from café chairs to toothbrushes, from stools to hotel: his inexhaustible creativity is apparent in his designs for a large number of international brands, ranging from everyday products to sophisticated customised solutions, and he is always full of surprises.  Also at the forefront of his mind is a sense of responsibility for the environment.

A Parisian with projects all over the world

Innovative design and a playful approach to visual perceptions and materials have given many of Starck's creations a permanent place in museums and exhibitions around the globe.  Would you like a transparent baroque armchair made of plastic? Perhaps a chandelier with whimsical objects in an opulent ambiance?  At your service!  In 1994 the designer completely transformed the bathroom into a room for both living and bathing - with AXOR Starck, his first bathroom collection for AXOR.  This successful collaboration continued with the AXOR Shower Collection designed by Philippe Starck, the bathroom collections, AXOR Starck X, AXOR Starck Organic and the glass mixer AXOR Starck V.

A portrait of Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck photographed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Philippe Starck – design visionary


The exceptionally talented Frenchman has changed our visual perceptions and revolutionised our approach to everyday objects. From remarkable design solutions to opulent style worlds.

  • Philippe Starck and Philippe Grohe.
  • Starck and AXOR Starck V mixer
  • The Juicy Salif lemon squeezer made by Alessi.
  • Chair made of transparent plastic.
  • Floor lamp with a chandelier.
  • Cruiser at sea.
  • Lobby with chandelier.
  • Lounge in a Yoo Apartment.
  • Motorbike.

At home in a range of disciplines

The son of a French aeronautical engineer and inventor, he was born in Paris in 1949 and studied interior architecture and design at the Parisian École Camondo. Starck took his first steps as a designer with inflatable objects and other ventures, before he became known for furnishing the private rooms of the French President François Mitterand in the Elysée Palace in 1983. A short time later, the interior design of the Parisian Café Costes made Starck an international star. Interiors, combined with his own furniture designs and innovative lighting, have been a constant feature of his work. Alongside a large number of hotel projects, Starck has worked with a partner to bring finished luxury apartments onto the market under the Yoo brand all over the world since 1999.

Axor. Form Follows Perfection