Innovative operation in AXOR Starck Organic

Greater convenience, lower consumption

The basin mixers in the new collection help us to be more aware of our water consumption. The mixers are operated ergonomically: the water is turned on and off at the end of the spout. So your hands are right at the spot where the water comes out. This means greater convenience and cleanliness too, because water drips into the basin during operation. The temperature setting, which is more rarely required on wash basins as a rule, is located separately, at the top end of the mixer.

The fact that these are separate makes a lot of sense: you can pre-set the required temperature while your hands are still dry, and can keep the temperature in the energy-saving cold position or retain your own ideal temperature setting. This means: no dripping and no dirt marks on the handle when readjusting during usage. The hot/cold marking, which goes from green (cold water, energy-saving) to orange (hot water), is very clear. In each position, the handle blends in harmoniously with the mixer design.

Even the normal setting of 3.5 litres/minute water volume gives the sensation of a high volume of water, but at economical consumption. A “Booster“ position increases the flow where necessary, boosting it to 5 litres/minute. This innovative operating concept makes us more aware of our consumption of water.

Separate operation is consumption-efficient: the temperature pre-adjustment means that less hot water is used and energy use is minimised. Its location, at the top end of the mixer, means that any modification of this setting is always intentional.