The Hansgrohe Water-Bath-Design Museum offers wonderful original exhibits, historic arrangements and exciting anecdotes.

Hansgrohe tours

We open our doors to you

Take a look behind the scenes of the globally successful bathroom and sanitation specialists. Our plant tours in Schiltach and Offenburg will give you a first-hand experience of how mixers and showers are manufactured at Hansgrohe. Discover just how seriously we take environmental protection and the true meaning of quality Made by Hansgrohe. A tour of the Water-Bath-Design museum will take you on a stroll through bathroom, design and sanitary history. And much more!        

You can book our tours on a desired date – and in multiple languages 
(maximum 25 people; fee €150.00 per tour).
Please contact us well in advance.

See below for all the details:

  • These guided tours around the Hansgrohe Aquademie are for those who wish to delve a little deeper.

  • Hansgrohe live: Gain first-hand experience of how a tap is produced or how showering pleasure is created from 70 individual parts.

  • Luxurious baths, porcelain bowls and other show-pieces: immerse yourself in 700 years of Central European bathroom and bathing culture during the Hansgrohe tour.

  • Hansgrohe live: take a tour of the Offenburg plant and discover how Hansgrohe showers are manufactured in Europe’s largest shower plant.

  • How is a tap made? Take a factory tour and gain first-hand experience of how mixers are produced in the AXOR plant in Schiltach.

  • The Hansgrohe tours “Can someone pass me the water” and “Water4kids” give children and adolescents a first-hand experience of the precious resource of water. And provide a fun way of learning about seven hundred years of bathroom and bathing culture.

  • This interactive Hansgrohe tour will show visitors how to sustainability use the valuable resource of water – both economically and ecologically.