AXOR Urquiola bathroom.

A communicative space for two people

Fusion of bathroom and bedroom creates a homely environment

Increasingly, modern architecture tends to feature open design and smooth transitions, which make for a more homely living space. When it comes to merging the bathroom and bedroom, some skilful planning can help you design a private place of retreat which caters to personal body care and regeneration, but which also offers space for communication. Even during the bathroom planning stages, there are some fundamental issues to take into consideration.

Space for both shared and private areas

Selected keepsakes from trips or special moments blend seamlessly into a customised bathroom/living space that reflects the users' personal taste and living environment. They highlight a fusion of styles, which is open to a wide variety of different shapes and materials. The combination of modern and natural materials transforms the space into one homely unit.

Plants play a central role in this room concept. They serve as a filter zone between inside and outside, and create the privacy needed. Room dividers can also be used to structure the space to suit personal requirements. The smooth transition to the sleeping area creates a symbiosis between body care, relaxation, sleeping and regeneration.

Where there is sufficient space, separate bath tubs and two showers, each featuring its own specific elements for the user's showering indulgence, can help create an ideal bathroom ambience for two people. Rather than the classic double wash basin, why not opt for two individually furnished wash basins opposite each other. This can create the necessary free space. You end up with a spacious bathroom/sleeping area, offering you the opportunity to better adapt the living space to suit personal requirements.

The sensuous bathroom concept with individual attention to detail

The planning concept presented here was implemented using the AXOR Urquiola bathroom collection. The sensuous, imaginative design of the mixers and bathroom products enriches the personal fusion of styles and, with smooth transitions and soft shapes, combines to create one homely unit. In the dream bathroom from Patricia Urquiola, we again find two free-standing bath tubs, which are reminiscent of the old-fashioned tubs. The separate bathroom areas can be furnished to suit each user's needs, creating an environment which both people can share whilst also enjoying maximum privacy.

Details in a communicative bathroom concept featuring AXOR Urquiola

  • AXOR Urquiola wall mixer.
  • AXOR Urquiola mixer with bracket.
  • AXOR Urquiola wash bowl and mixer.
  • AXOR Urquiola shower column.
  • AXOR Urquiola 3-hole basin mixer.
  • AXOR Urquiola wall hook.
  • Plants.
  • Patterned glass.

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