Easy renovation and modernisation

Upgrade your bathroom in next to no time with new exposed installation mixers in your shower and bath tub

Do you think your bathroom could do with a fresh new look? However, you don’t want to rip out any walls or undertake any extensive renovation work in the process? Your best option is to select one of the many no-fuss products for exposed installation from hansgrohe. These mixers and shower systems will make your bathroom both high-tech and visually striking. They will also quickly transform showers and bath tubs into feel-good spas.

What exposed installation entails and when it is a suitable option

The classic installation option in the shower is: an exposed thermostatic mixer and hand shower. In the bath tub, add in the bath filler. However, would you like to enjoy more features or have you always wanted a large overhead shower? If so, a shower system would be your best option: for more comfort, more shower and more fun with water. On this state-of-the-art unit, which consists of an exposed thermostatic mixer, overhead shower and hand shower, everything matches seamlessly in terms of its design and function.

"Renovation light" – easy to install on existing connections

These all-in-one systems are attractive if you want to modernise your bathroom without any hassle: simply install the exposed units on existing connections. The connection dimensions are standardised, so all hansgrohe systems will fit in your bathroom. Even if you live in rented accommodation, the upgrade is worth implementing, because exposed installation non-thermostatic and thermostatic mixers and also shower systems can be dismantled just as quickly.

How does concealed installation work? Integrating your thermostatic mixer(s) into the wall so that they are flat and seamless saves space and makes for an elegantly understated look. This minimalist design offers you more space to move around when showering or bathing. Installation is somewhat more complex, because the technology is installed in a base set behind the wall. Is this additional outlay okay with you? If so, please take a look at our concealed installation solutions here.

Modern bathroom with walk-in-shower and open architecture.
More comfort, more shower, more fun in the shower: this elegant hansgrohe all-in-one system consists of a ShowerTablet with a large shelf, riser pipe, overhead shower and Select hand shower.

What exposed installation control systems are available and what they can do

At hansgrohe, you will find exposed installation mixers to suit any preference, any bathroom setting and any budget. They will all provide you with loyal, reliable service. You can even use some to create your dream bathroom, which will make you the envy of others. Here you will find a breakdown of products, which is intended to assist you with your selection. In each case, hansgrohe offers a wide variety of ergonomic handle and design variants as well as a variety of surface finishes. These hansgrohe products are exceptionally quiet. This is down to our extensive expertise and, for example, built-in silencers. 

Single lever mixers

Shower and bath mixers offer you the easiest way to control water. You have a choice between unobtrusive basic models through to imposing luxury mixers, you can find everything you need at hansgrohe. Here's a tip: combine your new mixer with a hansgrohe hand shower and shower rail from the same style collection.

Thermostatic mixers – safe central control units in showers and bath tubs

Exposed thermostatic mixers are equipped with technically complex inner workings. They regulate the water temperature reliably and constantly. This offers you maximum comfort in the shower and bath tub, and protects you from any unpleasant fluctuations in temperature. hansgrohe thermostatic mixers comply with high standards of safety, providing you with reliable protection from heat and impact injuries: for example scalding protection thanks to a safety lock at 40°, an insulated body with rounded corners and adjustable temperature limitation. 

ShowerTablets – convenient designer thermostatic mixers with a shelf area

ShowerTablets also offer a combination of all these advantages. These are multi-functional comfort thermostatic mixers, which offer you a few extra features:

  • With their shelves, which are made of safety glass, they offer plenty of space for bathroom utensils (available in different widths). So your shampoo or shower gel will be within reach at all times. 
  • Their ultra-modern design creates visual highlights in any ambience and blends in seamlessly, even in large showers. 
  • In the Select variant, flat operating buttons make the product a joy to use in the bathroom. Here, you activate showers or jet types simply at the touch of a button. The intuitive Select elements are ideal for children, older people or those with limited mobility.

Showerpipes – all-in-one installations with many advantages

Opting for one of our exposed installation shower systems can solve lots of bathroom issues for you: you can get an overhead shower without having to rip out the wall. Enjoy a wonderfully varied shower experience with up to five jet types on the hand and overhead shower plus convenient water control. All this can be experienced just with simple models. However, we also have beautifully designed deluxe variants for lots of pampering. When it comes to comfort, design and enjoyment, we have an abundance of Select models for you to choose from. 

FAQ about exposed installation

Our decades of experience in customer service has shown that consumers primarily have the following questions. Here are the answers: 

  • The pipes are situated too deep in the wall? No problem. The retail market offers appropriate extensions in any installation length. So you can install your new mixer without a problem.
  • The pipe in your wall runs at a slight angle? No need to worry. With hansgrohe models, minor imperfections can be compensated for by the included connections. 
  • You have a continuous flow heater or storage water heater? That’s no obstacle. Depending on the model, hansgrohe mixers and showers function with lots of hot water supply systems.
  • How long does the guarantee on your product last? hansgrohe offers you a five-year voluntary manufacturer’s guarantee. Your product is significantly older? That doesn’t matter. If, at a later stage, something develops a fault or becomes leaky, we have spare parts which you can replace easily (using standard tools).

How it works: installation on existing connections

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