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This page contains helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions about hansgrohe shower systems. Select the question that you need below to view the answer.

Hand and overhead showers

Only a small amount of water is coming out of the hand shower/overhead shower. What can I do? 

A dirty sealing screen can cause low flow performance. This video demonstrates the cleaning process. The shower itself may also have a build-up of limescale. This video demonstrates the correct descaling procedure.

Where on the bath tub should the holder for the hand shower be installed?

The hand shower should be installed so that it can be easily reached. People should be able to wash their hair while sitting, without having to hold the hand shower.

The hand shower/overhead shower’s water spray is uneven. What can I do?

Clean the opening for the gush spray, ideally using a plastic scraper. Turn on the water and pull the scraper right across the opening for the gush spray. This way, any particles that are dislodged will be immediately washed away.

My hand shower/overhead shower is leaking. What can I do?

We recommend you descale the overhead shower and use our QuickClean function. You can find further information via the links below:

My hand shower/shower head is dripping. What can I do?

If the shower head does not empty at all or does not empty fully after the shower, this process may occur after a few minutes or hours. 
It depends on the surface tension of the water. Please therefore try the following tips:

  • If your overhead shower is fitted with a ball joint, you can speed up the emptying process by tilting the overhead shower downwards after showering.
  • Carefully running your hand across or wiping the spray nozzles with a shower squeegee speeds up the shower head emptying process because it disrupts the surface tension of the water.
  • We also recommend regularly descaling the shower heads, as this can also have a positive effect on the emptying process. This video demonstrates the correct procedure for descaling a hand shower.

Sealing screen: What is the function of the seal or filter screen between the shower hose and hand shower?

Sealing screens, which are included with every hand shower, must not be replaced with normal seals. Otherwise dirt, which is filtered out in the filter screen, will get washed into the mechanics of the shower. This can cause the QuickClean cleaning function to break down or the nozzles to become clogged. 

The diverter on my concealed installation bath mixer does not automatically return to its original position. What can I do?

The diverter's O-ring or plunger are either dirty or require lubrication. Both must be cleaned, if necessary, and lubricated using silicone grease

Showerpipes and shower sets

Can I shorten the riser pipe?

Depending on the model, riser pipes can be adjusted and shortened to suit the room layout. Please refer to the product data sheet to see if this is an option with your model.

  • As a basic rule, round riser pipes can be adjusted. They can be shortened at the bottom near the tap or diverter. Please use a fine-toothed saw and then deburr the cut edge. One exception is the Vernis range – its round riser pipe cannot be shortened.
  • By contrast, most rectangular riser pipes cannot be shortened. But hansgrohe offers multiple lengths for most riser pipes in our spare parts catalogue. To order, please contact your local specialist. If in doubt, please send us a message with your concerns via our contact form.

How can I install a Showerpipe if the bathroom is not fully tiled? Is there a solution for this?

You can get a tile compensation disk with a 7 mm adjustment for Showerpipes. You can find the correct article number in the relevant installation manual.

What are the options for installing shower rails in the corner of a room?

We offer a corner mounting set (art. 28694000) for the Unica Raindance shower rail (art. 27636000). We go through the installation steps in this video.

Replacing the shower rail without drilling new holes. Which one can I use?

Please check the distance between the drilled holes. If it’s 915 mm, all current 90 cm shower rails from our range can be used. Whereas our latest 65 cm shower rails are suitable for a 625 mm distance. If the distance is a different measurement, we recommend our variable shower rails.

Can the Unica'D replacement slide be installed even if you have older shower rails? 

Generally speaking, the replacement slide can be used with all Unica`D shower rails (art. 96190000).

Tile compensation: What is the purpose of the long plastic disk included in the shower sets?

In some cases, you need to compensate for the tile thickness when fitting shower sets or Showerpipes. A hansgrohe tile compensation disk is used for bathrooms not tiled entirely to the ceiling. It is a long, light grey plastic disk that looks good on a wide range of materials. It is 7 mm thick and can be stacked, if required. You can order this compensation disk from your local dealer. Please refer to the installation manual or our spare parts catalogue for the article number.
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