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Offering our customers the highest quality at all times is a fundamental part of the Hansgrohe company philosophy. We therefore offer consumers a voluntary fifteen-year manufacturer’s guarantee on our products. The conditions and details can be found in the guarantee conditions below.

Hansgrohe offers a fifteen-year manufacturer’s guarantee for your long-term enjoyment of our products.
Hansgrohe offers a fifteen-year manufacturer’s guarantee for your long-term enjoyment of our products.

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law or other respective national legislation. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. 

In addition to the warranties implied by the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and The Trade Practices (Australian Consumer Law) Amendment Regulations 2010 (No. 1) all Hansgrohe products used for domestic purposes and purchased after 1st September 2020, have the following special extended warranties:  

Warranty 25 Years 

Under special extended warranty: iBox Universal (article 01800180), against any manufacturing defect or design fault, Hansgrohe will - at its discretion – either rectify any defect or fault by repairing or replacing the iBox Universal, including meeting labour costs, as required and any associated packaging or freight charges.  
NB: Warranty 25 years is for iBox Universal (article 01800180) only. For all other products, refer below.

Domestic Warranty 15 Years 

First 10 Years: Under special warranty: All products and parts including hoses, electroplated surfaces carry a warranty against any manufacturing defect or design fault. The importer / distributor will provide labour to either rectify any defect or fault by repairing or replacing the product or part supplied by Hansgrohe. ​​​​​​

11 Years - 15 Years: Under special extended warranty: cartridges and thermostatic elements against any manufacturing defect or design fault. Labour costs and any other costs including packaging or freight charges will be the customer’s responsibility. 

Exceptions to the above Warranty Periods:

  • 25 years’ warranty on iBox Universal (article 01800180) against manufacturing defects.
  • 5 years’ warranty on all electronic taps and mixers against manufacturing defects (battery excluded from warranty).
  • 5 years’ warranty on powder coated surfaces against manufacturing defects.
  • 2 years’ warranty on spare parts.


The warranty applies to purchases in Australia & New Zealand from 01/09/2020. It applies only to use in Australia & New Zealand. Proof of purchase is required e.g. the original invoice. The warranty periods as stated above apply from date of purchase, with a 15 year maximum warranty period regardless of any interim rectification. The warranty is personal to the first end user and is not transferable. Products and parts must be installed and used according to Hansgrohe’s Assembly Instructions and within applicable pressure guidelines. A line strainer must be installed to the water supply. The water supply pipes must be flushed prior to connection of the tailpipes. A pressure limiting valve must be installed to the water supply and set as outlined in Hansgrohe’s Assembly Instructions. Acidic, citrus or alkaline cleaners and cleaners with scouring additives must not be used. Unapproved product modifications will void special extended warranty. Special extended warranty does not apply to the effects of hard water. It does not apply to products and parts deliberately or accidentally scratched, blemished, damaged or otherwise misused.

​​​​​​​On site labour warranty is limited to major cities greater metropolitan areas only. Trip costs may be applicable for locations outside these areas.

How to make a warranty claim 

To make a warranty claim, please contact our authorised service agent T2 Services on  1800 001 901. Please note you may be requested to provide proof of purchase. A Technical Service Request is also available at the point of purchase.

Hansgrohe reserves the right to determine any issue or uncertainty in connection with the warranty 

The Warranty is given by: 
Hansgrohe Pty Ltd 
Unit 4, 71 Victoria Crescent 
Abbotsford, VIC, 3067
+(61) 3 8319 5753 

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