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This page contains helpful tips and answers to frequently asked questions about hansgrohe bathroom taps. Select the question that you need below to view the answer.

Only a small amount of water is flowing from my tap. What can I do?

A dirty aerator can cause low flow performance. You can find a detailed description of how to clean it here:

Can I control the exit angle of a hansgrohe tap’s water spray?

hansgrohe offers the option of a swivelling standard aerator (article no.: 95400000) with M24x1 external thread. This can be used to adjust the water spray by approx. 8° all around. How it works and how to replace it are shown here:

My tap is dripping after use. What can I do?

When taps or showers are switched off, it is physically necessary for them to drip briefly. This is not a product fault that justifies the replacement of the tap or a warranty or guarantee claim.

The connections on my exposed installation tap are leaky. Why is that?

In order to compensate for size differences, before installing the tap please ensure that the S connections have been fitted free of tension and that the specified installation dimensions have been observed. It is absolutely essential that you use the original seals; damaged seals must be replaced where necessary.

Electric tap: How can I activate the tap’s cleaning mode without triggering the sensor so that the wash basin can be cleaned?

How to activate the cleaning mode is outlined in the installation manual, which comes with the product or can be downloaded from the electronic spare parts catalogue.

Mixer ball technology: When servicing the mixer ball system, does the control ball need to be changed as well?

It is not necessary to change the stainless steel control ball. Any deposits can be removed from the ball easily, for example using a plastic cleaning fleece.

Open-vented water heater: Water drips from the tap during the heating process. What can I do?

Dripping water escapes via the spout so as to ensure that no excess pressure develops in the open-vented water heater during the heating process. This is physically necessary. It is not a product fault that justifies the replacement of the tap or a warranty or guarantee claim.
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