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Are all shower drainage channels installed in the same way?

There are two different types of installation:

  • Installation on the screed: used for RainDrain Flex
  • Installation in the screed: used for RainDrain Match and Rock. As these two product ranges can be tiled, a specific installation depth is required so that the shower drainage channel can be installed at the correct height.

Can all pre-fab sets be shortened on site?

Only products from the RainDrain Flex and Rock ranges can be shortened.

  • The RainDrain Flex range can be shortened to any length because the water flows on its surface and not along an inner channel.
  • With the RainDrain Rock range, the cover can be shortened by up to 50 mm on both sides. When shortening, please make sure that the right cutting disk (stainless steel) is used, as stated in the installation manual.
  • The RainDrain Match’s pre-fab set has a fixed length because this product range has a fixed drain length installed in the screed.
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